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This One's In the Bag!: Burlap Fabric Gift Bags

Burlap Fabric Gift Bags

Want a fun craft project that can make all your other craft projects look better? One that parents think is cool and that makes friends say, "Hey, will you make me one of those?"

If the answer's YES, you may soon find yourself wrapped up in the fabric gift bag craze, which these days has kids bagging just about everything in sight.

Gift and tote bags are a fun, easy to make craft that can be constructed from many materials. And while they're super for holding gifts, they also make great purses, lunch bags, and all-around, put anything-and-everything-in-'em satchels.

Some materials can be tricky to work with, but burlap fabric is easy to sew or glue (for this project, we'd suggest a needle and thread), comes in brilliant colors, and is the only fabric known to man that can hold the entire contents of a nine year olds' penny collection without bursting. Here's what you'll need.


  • Burlap fabric (regular brown burlap or your favorite color)
  • Thick colorful craft ribbon
  • Craft scissors
  • Thick needle and thread or Sewing machine (both with parents' supervision)
  • Pins (parents, be careful with small children)


Making the bag is as easy as making a square and sewing up three sides:

    1. First, decide what size bag you want to make. For an 8"x 10" bag, cut out a 9" x 22"piece of burlap fabric and fold it in half, so it's 9" x 11" doubled.
    2. Pin the side seams of the bag together to hold and then sew, leaving the top of the bag open.
    3. Now, turn the bag inside out so that the frayed seam edges are on the inside.
    4. If it's for a gift, place your gift inside the bag.
    5. Fold the top of the bag down.
    6. Cut a length of ribbon at least 12", and tie in a bow around the top.

After your gift is finished, the fun really begins. You get to find someone to give it to!

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Author: Kay Kristenson's love of all things crafty has led her to many interesting and exciting craft projects. Her published articles, including ones like this one about novel uses for burlap fabric can be found on