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Jeni's Quick Crafts

19-year-old Jeni, has provided these fun, easy craft ideas for every day use, holiday crafting and a great way to keep children busy when babysitting. Jeni has been crafting and babysitting for many years.

Relaxing Bubble Bath

  • 2 cups soap flakes
  • 1 gallon water
  • 1/4-1/2 cup glycerin (from the drugstore)
  • 2 cups plain nonsmelly shampoo
  • Essential oil (from a natural food store or Body Shop type place)
Over low heave melt the soap flakes and the glycerin in the water. Stir. Now add the shampoo and a couple drops of smelly oil. Put in a pretty jar.

Tell Mom to add a couple tablespoons to her bath and to enjoy the bubbles. (You can also save some for yourself.)

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These original craft ideas are copyright to Jeni, 2003 Please do not reprint or republish without permission.