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Step by Step How to Make a Paper Cup

Paper cups are very easy to make. A few folds and tucks, and you have a perfectly nice disposal cup. This method doesn't require sharp objects so even very young children can help make these.

You can use your paper cups to:

  • String them up and hang them during parties.
  • Serve food like cubed cheese, grapes, raisins, peanuts, chicken popcorn, fries, mini sandwiches etc.
  • Use them for mini gifts like sweets, key chains etc.
These cups make an ideal and inexpensive craft project during children's parties.

Materials Needed:

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Paper Glue or tape (optional)

1. Depending on what purpose the paper cups will be used for, choose paper from magazines, newspapers or standard paper.

2. Fold the sheet diagonally to form a square. Any extra paper should be cut using the scissors. For very young children, adult supervision is needed at this stage.

3. Fold the square diagonally to form a triangle.

4. Then fold one edge of the triangle to the middle of the opposite edge.

5. Then fold the longer edge and tuck it under the first fold.

6. Now fold one of the flaps of the smaller edge. Turn the paper and fold the other flap.

7. Open the mouth and behold your paper cup.


  • If the edges do not hold, cheat a little by using a small amount of glue or colourless tape.
  • If the cups are for a craft project during a children's party, cut the paper beforehand into squares. It will save time.
  • If you make the cups using greaseproof paper, it can hold liquids for a little while.
  • To make the cup sturdy, make three cups of different material. The first of greaseproof paper, the next of paper and the last of wrapping paper to give the plain cups some colour.
  • You can even use aluminium foil or cereal box cardboard.
  • When using these cups for gifts, make two holes on opposite edges of the mouth and insert ribbon or a rope to form handles.

These cups can be made in various sizes and in various materials. You can even glue cut-up stars and circles or beads etc to make the cups stand out.


* These cups cannot hold hot liquids so please donít even think about using them as disposable coffee cups!.

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