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Photo #12
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Photo 11

"We want YOU!" - FBG

"We accept cheque, Visa,or HUMAN BLOOD MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA [cough cough] ... how will you be paying?" - Cheesy

"Death has come to get me!" - CMRS11

"OH NO ! I TOLD my mom to dress up nice !?....Day

"I vant to suck your blood booooooddyyyyy."....Chicken

"Maybe I should have done this on Halloween'cause I've only made $5.50!!"....Arwin

"Man you need some major fashion tips!"....Adam

"People Check In But They Don't Check Out!"....My

"This will definitely catch girls eyes... oh ya baby!! Hey you, do ya wanna go out? Girl: Stay away from me... Ahhh!! Dead guy: hey whats a matter? girls dig dead guys........."....Kitty

"Ok dad now your just freakin me out"...Yabby

"I vant to suck your blood.".....Srk

"Which room will you want & would you like a free drinking supple of blood!?"...Jas

"Not him, you! You! Anyway, unfortunately,you will be decapitated today, TODAY! Ha! Ha! Ha!"....Jay-Z

"Yes this is my real face, why do you ask?"....Krystal

"Come on over, Come on in!!"....I Am CaNaDiAn

"Come one, Come all, to the spookiest hotel, the scariest hotel, in the galaxy!!!!"....AngelWings

"Don't worry, if you die we'll give you all your $ back."....Mercedes

"Scary guy: I am the Viper. I vish to vash and vipe the vindows."...Shadow Fox

"Don't let this happen to you! Have a nice day!"....Manic Jay

"Are you my Nan??"....Charzza91

"Am I looking a little dark???? hahahahaha"....Mulash

"Does this face lift (and poor taste in clothing ) make me look like a constipated zombie?"....Sharkbrat5

"Gee, I wonder why no one wants to buy any lemonade from a hotel? It's only $5.00."....Clefairy

"Maybe I should change the sign and will that get me more customers."....Birdy

"So that is what happens when you forget to pay your taxes!"....Max

"hmmm...that's a good looking bell boy. Hey you! get my bags please, I'm checking in!!"....Qistin

"I've finally made it up here!"....Kee

"Ahhhhh! Bam! Oh, don't worry that was just the maid."....Kitty

"Wot u lookin at? Eh? Just because u can put makeup on in the morning and I can't doesn't mean u can laugh at me eh?!"....clothhead

"I guess the doctor forgot about my face."....Brown Sugar

"Does this outfit make me look fat?"....klnkitty

"Ok mom, take off your mask, you're scaring my friends away."....Lil'K

"This blood is sure tasty, but I'd much rather a soda."....Nemo

"Welcome to the Hotel California."....Lindsey

"Do you mind!!!???!!!"....Melly

"That's it I'm goin' back to the blood bank business."....Christian

"Where is my money back! Dead guy : I told you that you get when you die!"....Kendra

"Come in! We are waiting for you...breathlessly!"....Dih

"We have just enough room left 4 u *burp*"....Se7en

"See this dog on the end of my straw, he was supposed to be a present for my daughter but Rex is just too tasty!"....Bowtie

"Wow... somebody has way too much time on their hands!!"....angel_is_me

"Leave me along. I can take care of myself, I have been in business a looooooong time."....Yoyo

"Some day someone will want to stay at my hotel. Then I won't have to stand here."....Becky

"Stop staring at me!!!"....C U Later

"How will you be paying? B positive? O? etc."....Marty

"Half price if you don't tell the cops about the dead guy...(other demon) Stupid first they pay then we kill them. (people run off) look now they ran away."....Funnybone


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