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Kids Turn Holidays

New Plan to Create World Wide Web For Kids
A safe place online ONLY for kids Kids on the Web

Effective April 1, 2001 all kids will have a safe place to surf the web no matter where you live.

Governments around the world have instituted a plan to make a separate World Wide Web -- Just for Kids!

You can now surf safely without running into anything not appropriate for kids.

Beginning April 1, 2001 all kids will be required to register with the World Wide Web for Kids. You will no longer be able to surf the regular 'www'.

This policy was put in place to protect kids from inappropriate materials online.

The World Wide Web for Kids, [WWW4k], will only contain specially selected web sites suitable for kids under 13. A panel of web experts will review all content on the WWW4k.

All kids under 13 must surf this section of the World Wide Web -- if kids under 13 are caught on the 'regular' web they may face serious fines, or lose their internet access.

Advanced technology allows the government to track all computers online and will be able to determine if a child, under 13 is surfing the wrong section of the web. You will immediately be expelled from the regular 'www' and sent to the new 'WWW4K' section. Your parents or guardians will then be contacted to alert them you have been on the wrong web.

All suitable web sites will now have the 'www4k' in the url to verify they are a WWW4K site. For example, Kids' Turn Central will now be located at http://kidsturncentral.www4k

Register now before you get notified you are on the wrong web! - There is no fee.

Click Here to Register