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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween
Classic Halloween Costume:

Fire Devil:

This is a very good idea for preteens and older ladies. Its pretty cheap and last minute too! So here are some good ideas...


    1. bright red lipstick
    2. red or black eye shadow
    3. red nail (real or fake)
    4. black or red eyeliner
    5. black mascara
    1. Short red dress
    2. red or black fishnet stockings
    3. high knee black boots
    4. pitch fork
    5. horns
    6. tail

Here are a few ideas to have your hair because when i was a FIRE DEVIL I had no idea how to put my hair! SO here a few tips.

    ~ one or two bun(s)
    ~ high pony tail ~ down
    ~ pigtails (low)
    ~ pigtail braids
Well I hope you like this costume have a fun and safe Halloween!

Thanks to Devilish for these great ideas!

Darling Devil  Toddler

Darling Devil Toddler

...for your little angel.

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