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If you want to be a FREAK for Halloween, just die your hair different color, put a lot of mini ponytails in or a messy bun, LOTS of make-up, baggy jeans preferably ripped of have writing on them same with the shirt, any kind of shoe works as long as it has flames on them, also jewelry makes a great touch.

Thanks to BabyCutie for this freaky idea!

Another idea...

Ok, you wanna be a Freak but don't know how to? Well here's how to be a FREAK! Get a T-shirt with your fav band On it, such as ICP, KORN, LIMP BIZKIT Etc. [make sure baggy] and a pair of really baggy pants & some pink hair dye. In girls case BLACK lipstick, fake nose ring, ring, etc. You will be the freakiest freak there is!

Thanks to Lucy for this idea!

Hellraiser-Pinhead Deluxe Teen Costume

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