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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

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Classic Halloween Costume:


For a simple and awesome looking skeleton costume we used black sweat pants and a black turtle neck. We then cut out ribs, backbones, leg bones, arm bones, collar bone, and pelvis bone out of white self adhesive contact paper. We applied this to the sweats and turtle neck using fabric glue to fasten any loose edges. We found an inexpensive skeleton mask with red eyes and covered the hair with a black stocking cap.
This is a simple yet spooky costume for kids to help create! My daughter won first place with her dance group at our local Oktoberfest parade.

Thanks to Diane and Sydney and David from IN for this spooky idea!!

Skeleton Girl:

Get old black clothes. Then paint white bones. Cut up a black trash can bag for a skirt.(Optional: Add to the end of the skirt some pink lace.)

Put on some heavy eye make up. Then style your hair preppy like.

Thanks to anonymous submitter for this idea

Skeleton Zombie Child Costume

Skeleton Zombie Child Costume

Available in child sizes Small (4-6) Medium (8-10) Large (12-14). Includes shirt, pants, mask, and gloves. Shoes not included.

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