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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

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Classic Halloween Costume:


This involves a little work.

For the top you'll need:

  • A black spaghetti-strap tank top
  • A red peasant top that you don't mind "damaging", or white dyed red
  • A needle and thread.
  • A couple of yards of lace
    1. Place the tank top on top of the peasant top. Trace the outside edge of the straps and the upper edge of top (The part where the straps connect) Then cut along those lines on the peasant top.
    2. Sew the sleeves that you just cut off to the tank top, and then sew lace to the hem of the tank top, the cuffs of the peasant top, and around the inside edge of the straps and the upper edge of the tank top.
    3. If you really feel like it, glue some red rhinestones to the neckline.
Wear the top you just made and a short black skirt (pleather if you can) and a pair of ripped fishnet and high-heeled boots, preferably knee-high or lace up.

For your makeup:

  • Thick black eyeliner
  • Lipstick that is lined with black eyeliner. Blend the black eyeliner into the middle of your lip, so the area closest around your mouth is red and the edges are black.
  • A bit of white face powder, and a tinge of gray blush. Dust your skin that is showing with gray and white powder, too.
  • Don't forget the black nails with red tips.
  • And don't waste your money on cheap glow-in-the-dark plastic fangs that are like uncomfortable mouth guards. Get a nice pair of canine-extension fangs that are just pieces that attach to your canines. They go on with putty.

For your hair:

If you can, spray it with dark red and black spray, or use a dab of red Manic Panic all over for a redder color. blondes should stay blonde and spray a little bit of silver in their hair to make it look iridescent and gothic.

If you have shorter hair (around chin length), twist two front sections back and pin with decorative Gothic looking hair things. Hot Topic has a very nice selection.

If you have really short hair, like pixie cut, just spike it and spray the tips a cool color.

If you have long hair, either put it in a bun and have a couple of curled strands hanging down around your face and neck, or put if half up with a few vampire-esque accessories, or leave it hang long.

Have a nice Samhain.

Thanks to an anonymous submitter for this detailed idea!!

Another Idea

    1) Get a black velvet dress
    2) Get a black cape lined with red
    3) Paint your face white with red lips, black eye make up, and drawn on fangs
    4) Paint your nails red or black
    5) Put your hair up in a tight low bun or let it hang down( you can curl it a little and mess it up for a better down look)
    6) Now you are ready to go!
Thanks to Lisa for this addition

Victorian Vampiress Child Costume

Victorian Vampiress Child Costume

Child Victorian Vampiress includes: gothic gown with lace-up bodice and flowing inset,drape sleeves with gold trim and choker with stand up collar. Makeup not included.

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