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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween
Classic Halloween Costume:


You take a one gallon milk jug and cut off the bottom about an inch and a half from the bottom. You take this bottom piece and glue black yarn all around for hair then cut in into the desired Frankenstein hair cut.

When placed on your child's head it gives the desired shape to look like Frankenstein. When you make up your child's face just apply makeup to the head piece too. It looks great my son got second place in a city costume contest.

Thanks to Patti from Topeka, Kansas

Another Idea

    1. Paint face green
    2. Paint stitches on cheek
    3. Get an old suit and rip some parts off

Thanks to Julia for this addition

Another Idea - Frankenstein's Wife!

This idea is for all the girls who dont mind wearing so much makeup.

Wear a long white dress with high heels or flats and mix some brown and green blush or eyeshadow (same effect) for your complection.

Just apply it on you face and mix it on your face not before you apply it!

This fab idea is from Lena

Universal Studios Monsters Frankenstein Child Costume

Universal Studios Monsters Frankenstein Child Costume

This is the only officially licensed version of the Universal Studios?ду Frankenstein. Costume includes vinyl headpiece w/hair, jacket with inset shirt, pants, and shoe covers. Makeup sold separately. This is an officially licensed Universal Studios Monsters?ду costume.

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