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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

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Classic Halloween Costume:

Ghost Doctor:

Find some old doctor/nurse things (stethoscope, name tag, blood pressure cuff, doctor jacket, ect.) and put them on. After that get a black and white wig or black and white spray paint and put it on your head. Make sure to tousle your hair (wig) up to give the "been dead a while" look. Then you paint your face white or put baby powder/flour on it. Now you have a perfect "ghost doctor" effect.

Be sure to have a bunch of props laying around when your trick or treaters Arrive like compressor stinks, a clipboard, a scale, a jar that looks like it has an organ in it, ect.

Thanks to Britt for this fun idea.

Zombie Doctor  Teen

Zombie Doctor Teen

We wouldn't recommend this doctor for surgery!

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