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Classic Halloween Costume:


You need a flannel shirt and some pillows to stuff the shirt and some baggy pants and they need to be long cause you need to cut the ends off then have some hay to stuff the edges of both sleeves and both legs and a straw hat and that's all.

Thanks to an anonymous submitter for this creative idea!

Another Idea

All you need is old bib overalls, flannel shirt, face paint, straw hat, and dried corn tusk. Hot glue the corn tusk to the inside of the pant legs of the bib overalls and the inside sleeves of the flannel shirt, paint the face and place the straw hat, very cute and weather appropriate.

Thanks to Nikkia for this addition

Another Idea

Hi! Here is my Scarecrow Costume Idea.

All you really need is a flannel baggy shirt, baggy jeans, pillow cases or sheets, a straw hat, a bit of straw, and some rope.

What you do is to keep the jeans up by using the rope as a belt, then tie then ends of the jean legs with rope, then stuff them with pillow cases or sheets, then put a bit of straw sticking out of the pants.

Thanks to Katyana for this addition

The Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Child Costume

The Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Child Costume

Our child costume includes Blue shirt with attached Orange collar & hood, Brown pants, and hat (3 piece set). Straw accents sold separately. Makeup kit sold separately.

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