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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween
Classic Halloween Costume:

Girl Punk Vampire:

All you really need to be a modern vampire is this:

  • Dark colored hair, preferably black, brown or purple. Wavy or straight. Slightly curled is okay too. If you're in the mood,streak it different colors. Anything but pink, neon green or yellow.

  • Black, dark purple or red shirt, maybe a band T-shirt. Also arm warmers. Go for a punkish-look

  • Dark jeans

  • Sneakers (Converse works, but if nothing else, Mary Jane Velcro work if they're black)

  • GOOD vampire teeth. Try to get the attachable or the plastic ones. maybe some dark jewelry or fake blood

    As a trick-or-treat bag, use maybe a black bag. I'm going to use my messenger bag because it's black. Go around with a scowl on, be temperamental or be rude.(but not so rude that you don't get candy) just go around with an attitude. Be sure to moan with boredom and show your teeth.

    And there you have it.

    Thanks to anonymous for this new vampire idea!

    Vampire Girl Child Costume

    Vampire Girl Child Costume

    Includes a black and red dress with silver trim and cape with attached collar and bat medallion. Earrings and shoes not included.

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