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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween
Animals Ideas:

Black Cat:

Being a black cat for Halloween is easy!

Wear a black sweat suit, black shoes and black gloves. If you want a tail, make one from a long piece of black fake fur, pin to your waistband in back. Cut out big cat ears from black felt and glue onto a black hair band or just pin into your hair.

Wear a black half mask, OR cut one from construction paper and use a rubber band or string punched through holes in each side to tie around your head and eyes (reinforce string holes with tape)

Using a black eyebrow pencil, make an upside down triangle on your nose as the cats nose, draw a curved snout under your nose and draw LONG whiskers on your cheeks. CAUTION: ONLY WEAR THIS COSTUME if you are NOT walking on the street and if you are WITH a grownup, IT is VERY difficult to see in the dark!!!

Thanks to CAT >^..^< for this idea.

Another Idea

You can become a mean looking cat by first (for the ears) get a black elastic band and sticking 2 felt triangles at the top to make them look like ears. Then get a black button and stick 3 pieces of wire on each side to make them look like whiskers and nose.

Get some black string or elastic and secure that onto the button so it can go round your face.

Paint your face black and wear a black furry top and black trousers (any old thing will do).

For hands get some black gloves and stick bits of white claw shaped card on each finger (optional). Then get a pair of old black tights (preferably no holes) and take one leg and stuff this with Kleenex or paper and secure at the end. Now stuff this down the back of your trousers for your tail and off you go!

Thanks to Lottie for this fun addition.

Another Idea

Get some black stretchy pants. Get a black long-sleeved shirt. Find a black pair of cat ears at a local store.

Use Halloween face-paint and make your face black and paint on white whiskers ^-^

Thanks to Charlene for this addition.

Little Cat Toddler Costume

Little Cat Toddler Costume

Includes: Headpiece and jumpsuit with attached tail.

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