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Happy Crafting Halloween

Happy Halloween

Walnut Spiders

Cute little spiders for your Halloween table.


  • Walnuts - in the shell
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Black tempera paint
  • Clear tape or glue
  • White sticky labels
  • Scissors, markers, stickers, hole reinforcements
General Instructions
  • Have an adult halve the walnut and remove the nut. Be careful to not crack or damage the shelled halves.
  • Either leave shell brown or paint black. Allow to dry completely if painted.
  • Attach pipe cleaners to sides of shell for spider legs. They can be attached with glue or tape, or for a more permanent attachment have an adult drill small holes in each side of the shell and poke pipe cleaner through.
  • Decorate body with eyes using stickers or hole reinforcements.
  • These make great table ornaments at Halloween parties!!

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