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Kids Turn Grandparents Day

Fisher-Price® Shares Play Tips Just In Time For Grandparents Day: September 10th
Happy Grandparent's Day EAST AURORA, NY, September 7, 2006 – The experts at Fisher-Price, Inc., the number one infant and preschool toy company in the world and a subsidiary of Mattel, Inc. (NYSE:MAT), know that grandparents have a unique relationship with their grandchildren. With Grandparents Day on September 10th, Fisher-Price offers tips just for them. And, to further recognize the important role grandparents play, Fisher-Price plans to launch a new sub-site on filled with tips, activities and much, much more, starting in October.

"Grandparents tend to be among their grandchildren's favorite playmates," states Kathleen Alfano, Ph.D., Director of Child Research at Fisher-Price. "This relationship helps children develop a special loving bond that lasts a lifetime."

In addition to helping their grandchildren build social skills through loving interaction, grandparents can also help fast-track curiosity and imagination or observation and language skills with simple games. Consider these playtime tips from Kathleen Alfano, Ph.D., Director of Child Research at Fisher-Price:

When at Home

    Bring a Storybook to Life.
    Gather everyday items from around the house for costumes and props. As you read the book aloud, encourage your grandchild to act it out, complete with exaggerated movements and sound effects as if the child was in a play.

    Hey, I Know What That Is!
    Select books on the basis of their content, but that also match things in your real world. When you read a book about flowers, view a garden together. When you read a book about trucks, have the child find the truck that most resembles what you are looking at in the book.

When You're Out and About
    Who Am I?
    While having fun at a playground, the zoo, a beach, on a trip or some place close to home, playing games together is a fun way to pass the time and create a learning opportunity. Try taking on the role of a helper (a zookeeper, lifeguard, bus driver, pilot, etc.) and have the child guess who you are. Then talk about the different jobs people do and how they help. If your grandchild begins to express an interest in an occupation, find books on that career or take a field trip to see if real workers will give you a brief tour.

    I spy.
    When you visit a new environment, play an "I spy" game. Have the child try to find things that begin with different letters of the alphabet (for example, "B" is for bridge. Tree starts with "T"). Once the child guesses what you have in mind, talk about size, color, sounds or other characteristics. Adapt the game to your grandchild's level and interests, and be sure to take turns.

For these grandparent tips and more, visit later this fall. Features will include a gift finder, library of helpful articles, easy crafts and activities, fun places to visit and free e-cards. Also, grandparents will be able to sign up to receive free e-mail updates tailored to their interests, with new product news, special offers and more sent right to their inbox!

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