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Kids Turn Holidays

Happy Crafting Halloween

Halloween Past

When the Celts occupied Europe, long before the birth of Christ, Halloween was a time for all who lived good lives to feast - similar to Thanksgiving.
bat.gif - 0.2 K This All Hallow's Eve was also the night when ghosts and goblins walked the earth. People lit candles and masqueraded in frightening costumes made of animal skins to ward off the spirits of the dead, who returned to earth as wandering cats, witches and ghosts. People in costume began to visit homes, asking for treats - those who gave them would be assured of having a good year; those who did not were warned to watch out for spirits. gho6.gif - 2.8 K
The Romans, after conquering England and France, introduced their own touches to Halloween. They bobbed for apples and gave nuts to their neighbors. The Italians left bread and water, and lit lamps before going to bed to appease visiting ghosts.
Other Europeans put out doughnuts and milk for returning spirits while still others placed empty chairs in a circle, one for each member of the family and one empty for an expected ghost. In the nineteenth century, Irish immigrants brought the holiday to North America, where it has evolved to become a national celebration.

Halloween Present

Halloween has become an international Mardi Gras of sorts. It is the perfect family holiday for parents and children enabling them to spend time together creating costumes, carving pumpkins, planning trick or treat activities and participating in family parties. gho8.gif - 2.5 K
Halloween is the one time of year everyone can act out their fantasies and become who they want to be. For children, Halloween is an exciting time. It appeals to their imaginations, stimulating any inner urges to be something or someone else, to do things they would never think of doing on other days, to dress up and have fun.

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