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Halloween Make-up Fake Blood

(Parental Supervision Needed)

There are many ways to create fake blood. Remember though, like real blood, fake blood can stain. Avoid getting on your clothes or anything you don't want stained.

Basic Blood

  • White Corn Syrup or Karo Syrup (found in grocery stores)
  • Food coloring (red, blue, yellow)
  • Peanut butter (do NOT use if you have nut allergies)
First add the red food coloring to the amount of syrup you decide to use. Mix well to get the color you want. You can add blue or yellow food coloring to slightly change the color until you get something you are happy with. For thinner blood, add water.

Optionally, you can add smooth peanut butter for a thicker blood. Use chunky peanut butter if you want to add clots and gore to your blood.

When applying your blood, allow it to drip naturally and to dry completely. Avoid touching and smearing.

Remember! Do not get this stuff on anything you don't want stained, particularly good clothes or the carpet.

To remove, use warm water and gentle soap.

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