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Halloween Party Planning Halloween
You are too old for trick or treating - but too young to hang out at adult Halloween parties - so what are you to do??? Instead of smashing pumpkins or toilet papering trees why not throw your own Monster Bash! It's easier then you think!

Follow these steps for a great Halloween party!

Pick a Theme

Although it is not necessary, setting at theme for a party helps pull everything together.

You can go with a general Halloween theme - or chose something wild and different. Some examples: "Ghouls Night Out" could be the theme for an all girls Halloween party; or "Witches & Warlocks Unite" could be a party where everyone has to dress up like a witch or warlock (male witch). "Fright Night '03" would be a good theme for this year's bash. Be creative come up with one of your own!

With a theme you can then plan invitations, decorations, refreshments and activities around the theme. If you are having a "Battle of the Bones" party you can make bone shape invitations and cookies, or hang bones from the ceiling for decorations. Having a "Pumpkin Party"? Have guests bring a carved pumpkin to help decorate and play pumpkin games. The ideas are endless so use your imagination!

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