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Kids Turn Holidays

Happy New Year

Kids Want to Party too!

Here are some fun ideas to host a Kids New Years Eve Party

    ny1.gif - 0.4 K Sit down with Mom and Dad and decide what kind of party you can have. If there is going to be a babysitter, be sure to get her permission as well. You could have a day party, or, invite a few friends over for a sleepover.

    ny2.gif - 0.4 K Everyone likes to dress up for New Years. Wear your best party clothes, or, dress up in "play" dress clothes.

    ny3.gif - 0.5 K Create your own invitations to send to your guests. You can print out one of these.

    ny1.gif - 0.4 K You can purchase streamers, noise-makers, balloons at party shops.

    ny2.gif - 0.4 K Don't forget your New Years hats! You can purchase your own or you can make them. Many party stores sell plain party hats that you can embellish yourself with feathers, beads, streamers - whatever you like. You could even have a "Hat Making" party!

    ny3.gif - 0.4 K You are going to have to keep your guests amused. Here's a few ideas:

    • Play Board games
    • Play Charades
    • Pin the Tail on the New Year (make your own poster with 200_, on it. Cut out a #9 shape and have guests pin the #9 on the New Year)
    • Rent some movies
    • Play Word Games
    • Play Card Games
    • Play Musical Chairs

    Make a time capsule! Here's a great way to save the memories of the year. You can use a cardboard box, plastic container or even a big glass jar. Have all of your friends bring one item to put in the time capsule. It could be a newspaper story, a ticket stub, a photo -- whatever you like that reminds you of 2009. At the end of the party seal your time capsule. You don't have to bury it in the ground, though some people do. Instead you could give to your parents to store for you. Be sure to title and date the outside of the time capsule.

    Food! You have to feed your guests. If you are having an evening party simple snacks will do like popcorn and chips. You can find other food ideas here.

    Toast the New Year. You can find some fun "kid" friendly drinks to ring in the new year here.

    Make sure you have a clock in the room to countdown the end of the year if your parents let you stay up late. You'll want to sing Auld Lang Syne so be sure to print out the lyrics. You can celebrate New Years every hour during different time zones. You can find out what time it is around the world here.

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