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Spring Clean your Bedroom
Tips from Kids like You!

Does your room look like this? Does your bedroom look like this?

Anna (14) shares her tips for getting your bedroom in shape.

You may just get your parents off your back if you give it a try!

My room ends up like that every three or four days(no kidding!). It's not hard to straighten out if you know what you're doing! Here is Anna's step-by-step cleaning list. Use it if you value your time!...Anna

1. Pick up all obvious trash. Pop cans, candy wrappers, bits of paper, etc. Trash goes IN (not around) the trash can. Empty as necessary.

2. Any and all dishes leave room and are taken to kitchen. Trust me. Don't skip this step or you'll end up with a nuclear waste dump before long!

3. Clothes. Pick up one at a time. Don't put them in the wash unless you're SURE they are dirty(it really bugs the average mother to find non-dirty clothes in the wash). Make a pile of dirty clothes to be washed. Clean clothes should be folded and put away, or hung in the closet. This includes shoes.

4. Books. Sort into three piles. Books that belong in your bedroom, books that belong in other parts of the house, and books that belong to the library. Watch for overdue! If you're not sure, renew it! Better safe than sorry! Then deal with these piles individually. The first pile should be placed neatly on a shelf somewhere in your room. The second pile should be returned(and placed neatly where they belong!) to various other parts of the house. Library books should be sorted. If you're not going to read it, there's no point keeping it.

5. Assorted papers. Gather into a pile, sit down, and give yourself a set amount of time to sort through them. Again, three piles. "Trash", "keep", and "belongs somewhere else". DO NOT READ ALL THE WAY THROUGH EACH PAPER!!! Look at it just long enough to decide which pile to put it in. If you're not finished at the end of the time you set, chuck all but the absolute most important into the trash can. Put the important stuff in a folder in your desk. THIS IS NOT A TIME FOR SENTIMENTALITY!!! Got that? Keep that in mind!

6. I'm assuming that you're down to the little junk that inhabits the floor of every teenager's bedroom. Knickknacks, pens and pencils, photos, toys, etc. Pick these up a handful at a time. Place where they belong. If you haven't used or enjoyed it in three months, get rid of it!

7. Now all that remains is the self-explanatory Saturday morning chores. Vacuuming, dusting, washing the windows(don't forget the mirror!). Close desk and dresser drawers.

There. I can see the look on your mother's face! Trust me, you'll be able to use this as ammo in every fight with your parents from now 'til kingdom come!...Anna.

Anna recommends the book Clean Your Room, Harvey Moon! by Pat Cummings.

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