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Kids Turn Holidays

Prepare Hearts and Crafts - Step 1

Cover your work area - this can get quite messy!

Prepare your paper mache paste and allow to cool.

Rip pieces of paper into 2-inch by 8-inch strips.

Blow up balloons and tie off tight. Attach a piece of string about 3-feet long to end of balloon. You should be able to buy heart shaped balloons at a party or decorations store.

Coat Balloon Dip pieces of paper into paper mache paste. Remove excess paste.

Place pieces of dipped paper on balloon. Repeat process until balloon is covered. Repeat with a second layer of paper.






All Dry Once balloon is completely covered with dipped paper hang to dry in a warm area with attached string. Be sure to cover area below balloon. Paste will drip.

Allow to dry for at least 24 hours or over night.

Once dry you are ready to decorate your heart balloons!

Next Step! > Time to Decorate


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