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Kids Turn Online Resources

Looking for Links Science

A very good chemistry site for kids to learn the basics about chemistry. Lots of help and resources.

Interactive Periodic table, chemistry dictionary and more!

Chemistry Org/Kids
Featured kids activities, a Did You know section, safety tips and more chemistry matter.

A Thinkquest site featuring overview of atoms, molecules, phases of matter, acids, bases, and elements. Site also has games and quizzes.

Virtual chemistry textbook, to provide an interactive guide for high school chemistry students.

Chemistry and You
Learn all about chemistry in your every day life. Site available in six languages.

Mirror Molecules
Everything you ever wanted to know about mirror molecules!

The pH Factor
Virtual chemistry lab that helps you learn about the pH scale.

The Periodic Table of Comic Books
Clicking on most of the elements in this periodic table will transport you to a comic strip reference - a creative way to learn chemistry.

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