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Grow a carrotKTC Garden
Join the fun and watch the 2010 garden grow. Weekly reports posted on plants progress. Tips, resources and more.



Gardening Wizardry for Kids
Gardening projects, crafts and fun that yield quick results for kids.

The Kids Can Press Jumbo Book of Gardening
Sections cover general information; fruit, vegetable, and flower gardens; noninvasive native plants; gardens that attract wildlife; and group projects. Projects range from a few annuals in a container and thickets designed with native wildlife in mind to community gardens.

Kids Garden! : The Anytime, Anyplace Guide to Sowing & Growing Fun
Plant a sidewalk-crack garden, grow a broom, and discover bug remedies and composting with the aid of a title which involves kids ages 4 and older and their families in the gardening process.

National Gardening Association Guide to Kids' Gardening : A Complete Guide for Teachers, Parents and Youth Leaders
This is the official youth gardening guide of the 250,000 member National Gardening Association. It combines more than 70 gardening project ideas with practical how-to advice on starting and maintaining a youth garden.

A A Guide to Happy Family Gardening : A Little Help to Get Started Gardening With Kids
Good gardening advice for first time gardeners particularly with kids.

The Great Seed Mystery for Kids
Step-by-step visual guide to seeds.

Fun With Gardening : 50 Great Projects Kids Can Plant Themselves
Like the title says, fun gardening projects for kids.


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