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Greater Washington D.C. Soap Box Derby
Join the fun at the 65th running of the Greater Washington D.C. Soap Box Derby on June June 17, 2006.

All American Soap Box Derby
The Soap Box Derby is a youth racing program which has run nationally since 1934. World Championship finals are held each August at Derby Downs in Akron, Ohio.

Custom Soap Box Derby Weights
Site offers Ballast that allows the SBD car with driver to weight the maximum weight allowed.

Salem Soap Box Derby
Information and schedules for the Salem Soap Box Derby.

Soap Box Derby
History and information about Soap Box Derby racing from Wikipedia.

Cleveland Area Soap Box Derby
Cleveland has a rich history with Soap Box Derby Racing. We are one or four cities with races dating back to 1934. A new track and strong sponsorship, always looking for new racers!

Greater Rochester Soap Box Derby
Everything you need to know about this local event including photo gallery.

How to get Started in Soap Box Derby Racing
Tips and information for the beginner from eHow.

Soap Box Racing
The history of Soap Box racing from Kidz World along with kit building information.

Western Canada Soap Box Derby
From its humble beginnings in 1946 as a minor part of the Mission Board of Trade's Strawberry Festival, the Mission Soapbox Derby grew to be a major event eventually overshadowing the Strawberry Festival, attracting 20,000 people in 1956.

Build a Racer
Now it's easy to build a real Soap Box Derby Racer. Here, in this chart, are just seven easy steps in the construction of a fast, safe, streamlined car. It's a championship-class car, it has actually been built, and what's more, it has been tested on Derby Downs, in Arkon.

National Derby Rallies
Fostering individual development in youths through a structured program of Soap Box Derby-type racing and related activities.

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