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Akron Zoo - USA
Come nose-to-nose with more than 700 animals, including endangered Humboldt penguins, snow leopards, Sumatran tigers, jaguars and Komodo dragons.

Alaska Zoo - USA
The Alaska Zoo is a non-profit organization dedicated to conservation through education and rehabilitation. Our mission is to provide homes for arctic and sub-arctic wildlife in a natural setting for the enjoyment and educational enrichment of Alaskan residents and visitors.

Assiniboine Park Zoo - Canada
The Zoological Society is excited about some new developments at the Assiniboine Park Zoo including new murals, new signs and new animals. Check out our new bats, new female takin, new flamingos and lizards.

Auckland Zoo - New Zealand
The Zoo is a living classroom with 150 different animal species, 1000 animals and an array of different simulated habitats.

Audubon Nature Institute - USA
Located in New Orleans, LA. Most of Audubon Nature Institute’s animals survived Hurricane Katrina. Our friends in the Zoo and Aquarium community are generously opening their hearts to temporarily house some of our creatures, but the rest remain at the Zoo, Aquarium and Research Center. An incredibly dedicated team of keepers is caring for these animals under the most challenging of circumstances. Learn how you can help.

Australia Zoo - Australia
Home of the Crocodile Hunter! Lots of great animal resources plus interactive things to do on the site.

Belize Zoo - Central America
The Belize Zoo is settled upon 29 acres of tropical savanna and exhibits over 125 animals all native to Belize. The zoo keeps animals which were either orphaned, born at the zoo, rehabilitated animals, or sent to The Belize Zoo as gifts from other zoological institutions.

Binder Park Zoo - USA
Located in a lush forest, Binder Parks Zoo's animals are exhibited in beautiful, natural surrounds.

Birmingham Zoo - USA
The Birmingham Zoo is Alabama's most popular not-for-profit attraction. Learn more about the zoo on their site.

Blackpool Zoo - UK
Blackpool Zoo provides a home to over 1500 animals from all over the world. The Zoo provides new standards of animal care and aims to provide a stimulating, informative and enjoyable experience that demonstrates its role in the conservation of endangered species.

Brevard Zoo - Australia
Built by the community, this small zoo in Melbourne, Australia, has grown into a conservation leader and important destination for tourists. Our ground-breaking education programs are models for zoo's around the United States.

Bristol Zoo - UK
The fifth oldest zoo in the world and the oldest outside of a capital city, and a long established major tourist attraction in Bristol. Bristol Zoo Gardens maintains and defends biodiversity through breeding endangered species, conserving threatened species and habitats and promoting a wider understanding of the natural world.

Bronx Zoo - USA
As the flagship of the largest network of metropolitan zoos in the United States, the Bronx Zoo is the heart of the Wildlife Conservation Society and works to save wildlife and wild places around the globe.

Buffalo Zoo - USA
The Buffalo Zoological Gardens is the third oldest institution of its kind in the United States. The Zoo's mission is to provide the general public with an educationally, culturally and recreationally significant community resource.

Calgary Zoo - Canada
A wellspring of life, where nature unfolds in all its glory, from the splendour of the Rocky Mountains to the heart of Destination Africa. The only facility of its kind to contain a zoo, botanical garden and prehistoric park, the Calgary Zoo, in Alberta, Canada, has something to offer everyone. Check out the free computer wallpaper!

Chaffee Zoo - USA
Special events, educational programs and of course the animals are a feature of this California zoo.

Chester Zoo - UK
The role of the Zoo is to support and promote conservation by breeding threatened species, by excellent animal welfare, high quality public service, recreation, education and science. Chester Zoo covers an area of over 100 acres within a total land holding of over 400 acres.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo - USA
The Zoo's Master Plan, "Uncage the Future," makes changes and improvements by replacing deteriorating exhibits and buildings and improving visitor accessibility, convenience and safety. Needed improvements have opened a door for us to redefine the Zoo, transforming the visitor's experience from passive viewer to active participant, steeping our visitors deep into culture and habitat and inspiring a new respect for the preservation of wildlife through hands-on education.

Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens - USA
Opened in 1875, it is the nation’s second oldest zoo and a national historic landmark. The Zoo’s 75 acres house 510 animal species and 3,000 plant varieties.

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo - USA
The Zoo began as Wade Park in 1882 after Jeptha H. Wade donated 73-acres of land and 14 American deer to the City of Cleveland. Check out the site for more details on what is going on at the zoo now. Lots of good information/resources for animal research and conservation.

Colchester Zoo - UK
Colchester Zoo is constantly evolving to ensure our world class level of commitment to our animals. Including a new exhibit which will house Komodo Dragons and a new Asian enclosure will have room for at least four Orangutans as well as a range of other Asian species! Find out more on the site.

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium - USA
Over 600 species and 7000 specimens of animals live at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. The Columbus Zoo is committed to the preservation of wildlife through scientific studies, breeding programs, public education and support of conservation efforts in the wild.

Como Park Zoo and Conservatory - USA
Lots to see and do at Como Park. Conservatory, gardens and of course, the zoo too!

Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo - USA
Committed to the preservation of endangered animals and continually developing strategies that will protect species and preserve their wild habitats. Open year-round and exhibiting almost 300 animals – including several endangered species such as tigers and bears.

Dallas Zoo - USA
The first zoo in Texas founded in 1888. Check out the Wilds of Africa, Zoo North or the Children's Zoo.

Denver Zoo - USA
The Denver Zoo is home to 4,000 animals representing over 750 species and is one of the most popular zoos in the United States. Go on a zoo tour, online.

Detroit Zoological Institute - USA
Check out what is going on at the Detroit Zoo and the Belle Isle Nature Zoo.

Dickerson Park Zoo - USA
Home to more than 500 animals representing 170 species. The zoo is recognized for its successful Asian elephant, cheetah and maned wolf breeding programs.

Dublin Zoo - Ireland
Dublin Zoo is part of a worldwide network of zoos working together to breed endangered species. 90 species of animals from 5 continents in over 70 acres of open countryside.

Edinburg Zoo - Scotland
Promotes the conservation of animal species and wild places, through captive breeding, environmental education and scientific research.

Electronic Zoo - Online
Large collection of animal related Internet resources presented in a fun and easy to navigate manner.

Erie Zoo - USA
The Erie Zoo is home to over 500 animals, representing more than 100 species, from around the world. Winding walkways take visitors through the beautifully landscaped grounds which feature 2500 specimens from 600 species of plant.

Fort Worth Zoo - USA
The mission of the Fort Worth Zoo is to strengthen the bond between humans and the environment by promoting responsible stewardship of wildlife and ensuring diverse, high-quality educational and entertaining family experiences through effective and efficient management of its resources.

Gladys Porter Zoo - USA
A visitor-oriented zoological and botanical park dedicated to the preservation of nature through education, conservation and research.

Greater Vancouver Zoo - Canada
The Greater Vancouver Zoo is dedicated to preserving and protecting endangered species, and creating an educational environment that inspires appreciation and concern about wildlife and wild places, while providing a pleasant recreational setting for our visitors.

Granby Zoo - Canada
Choose an unlimited summer and winter access to the Granby Zoo as well as to the Amazoo Yoplait water park, the rides and aerial train in summer. The Granby Zoo is now one of over 200 accredited Nortams, in the conservation, research and education of the public.

Henry Vilas Zoo - USA
Learn about the wonders of the Animal Kingdom. Get nose to nose with a Big Cat! Attend Zoo School or have a picnic. Lots to do at this free zoo!

Honolulu Zoo - USA
The only zoo in the United States originating from a King's grant of royal lands to the people. The goal of the Honolulu Zoo's Environmental Enrichment Program is to involve all staff members; including keepers, curators and volunteers, in a zoo-wide program of effective environmental enrichment. We try to maintain the highest standards of animal welfare, where animals are healthy, active and exhibit a wide diversity of behaviors. Enrichment is becoming part of daily animal care on par with feeding and cleaning.

Houston Zoo - USA
The Houston Zoo provides a fun, unique, and inspirational experience fostering appreciation, knowledge, and care for the natural world. A centre for endangered species.

Indianapolis Zoo and Gardens - USA
Since opening in 1964, the Indianapolis Zoo has grown into a world-class facility hosting a million visitors each year and playing a major role in worldwide conservation and research.

Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens - USA
Escape to the Jacksonville Zoo for the only walking safari in Northeast Florida. Discover the earth's wildlife through interactive and educational experiences. A true family adventure.

Kansas City Zoo - USA
The Kansas City Zoo sits on 202 acres of rolling hills in the middle of Swope Park, the second largest urban park in the United States. It is the home to almost 900 animals from six continents.

Knoxville Zoo - USA
The mission of Knoxville Zoological Gardens is to celebrate the wonders of the natural world. Through education, conservation, exhibition, research and recreation, the zoo will tell the stories of the animals, the plants and the people who make up the communities of the earth. The zoo will develop positive attitudes and actions about nature and about conservation as a local and global issue.

Lee Richardson Zoo - USA
The Lee Richardson Zoo is often referred to as an oasis on the plains. Occupying almost half of the 110-acre Finnup Park, the zoo is a favorite gathering spot for nearly a quarter million visitors each year. Over 145 species are represented ranging from the elusive snow leopard to the flashy and fancy flamingo.

Lincoln Park Zoo - USA
Although it is among the oldest zoological gardens in the country (established in 1868), it also is among the most modern—a leader in wildlife conservation, community education and recreation in Chicago.

Little Rock Zoo - USA
Includes more than 725 animals representing 200+ species, many on the endangered list. The Zoo itself, has become one of the state's greatest educational and conservation resources.

London Zoo - UK
Everything you need to know about the London Zoo in the UK and the ZSL. The Zoological Society of London (ZSL) is a charity devoted to conservation and education -the worldwide conservation of animals and their habitats being the key role of the organisation.

Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens - USA
Check out the animal facts, play some games or visit the conservation corner.

Louisville Zoo - USA
Anytime is a great time to visit the Zoo and this site has virtually everything you need to know to plan your trip. Plus you'll discover the latest Zoo News, lots of information about animals and habitats, schedules for camps and classes and much more.

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