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Kids Turn Summer Fun

Make a craft
Craft of the Day - Index of Crafts

Grow a Sunflower
Keyboard Cap Magnets
Make a Gift Box
Learn to Tye Dye
Watermelon Checkerboard
Button Bauble Pins
Hanger People
Box Birds
Half and Half
Happy Family
Juice Lid Wind Chimes
Kitten Bank
Twirling Monkey
Raccoon Puppets
Nature Bracelet
Circles Bear
Pie Pan Tamborine
Framed Doodle Design
Plastic Bottle Pencil Holder
Egg Carton Caterpiller
Mixed Up Character Mobile
Lion Pupper
Hot Shot Hoop
Make a Snake
Brown Bag Bear Puppet
Peanut People
Animal Puzzler
Long Neck Letter Holder
Pretty Vase
Fancy Dinnerware
Collage Container

Craft of the Day

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