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Pirate Party! Host a Pirate Party!

Avast ye matey! It's time for a pirate party. Gather up your friends and host the perfect party with these tips:

Summer is the perfect time to host a pirate party. You can plan a day at the beach and pretend you are on a deserted island. If you can't make it to the beach, host a Pirate theme picnic in your own backyard.

Make a list of the friends you want to invite to your Pirate Party. Then, print out these invitations to deliver to your friends. You can also create your own invitation or purchase at a party shop.

Decide if you want to have all your friends dress as pirates. If you do, make sure to tell them on the invitation. Pirate costumes are very easy to make. Ask Mom or Dad to find some old clothes you can wear, big and baggy works best. Colorful too! You can rip and tear them to make them ragged like a pirate. You can tie a bandana on your heard, wear a colorful sash, and don't forget your eye patch! If you really want to go all out you can purchase a Pirate Costume. We also have some pirate costume ideas in our Halloween Costume Ideas section.

If you are hosting your party at the beach, be sure to bring a big blanket for all the little pirates to sit on. Pails and shovels and beach toys can be used to dig for buried treasure. Floating devices make the perfect pirate ship. If you are hosting your pirate party at home, there are lots of Pirate Party Supplies available to purchase. You don't have to buy them though, with some creativity you can make many of the decorations yourself. You can also prepare "Loot Bags" to hand out to your tired pirates at the end of the party.

Pirates can get very hungry! For a beach party or pirate picnic finger foods are a fast easy answer. Small sandwiches, lots of fruit and vegetables and a big batch of punch or lemonade to drink. If you want to go all out, a Treasure Chest Cake would be the hit of the party!

Fun and Games:
There are many ways to keep a pirate busy besides looting and plundering. A Treasure Hunt will keep your pirate friends busy for hours whether you are at the beach or in your own backyard. You can also sing Pirate songs like The Pirate Song or one of the many from Talk Like a Pirate web site. If the skies turn grey, you can print out these coloring sheets to entertain your pirates. There are lots of Pirate Books you can purchase or borrow from the library to read to your crew. If you are hosting a pirate sleep over, you can rent a Pirate Movie. You can also check our Online Pirate Resources for more ideas on ways to entertain at your party.

Have fun!

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