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Koi How to Look After Your Koi Carp

Koi Carp (also known as Koi) are beautiful Japanese fish that can live up to 30 years under favourable conditions. It is normal to find these decorative fish in water ponds and special Koi ponds. The fish come in various colours, besides the basic black and white. Rainbow colours like green, red, blue, yellow, orange etc. The colour of the fish depends on the environment they have grown up in.

Koi Carp can grow to a large size, so the pond must have a capacity to hold at least 5 hundred gallons of water. Additionally, Koi Carp are social fish, so a minimum of 4-5 fish should be placed in the pond.

Caring for the Koi Carp requires special attention as these fish are sensitive to the environment.

  • Koi Carp are very sensitive to the slightest change in the temperature which can cause stress or harm. The temperature of the water must be cold as the fish are used to living in cold waters.
  • Make sure the water filtration system is of the right size for the pond. An overworked water filter will not be able to balance the ammonia and nitrates in the water.
  • Clean the water filter at least 2 times in a week, even when the pond looks clean. Using pond pumps in the pond means that you don’t need to clean it out as regularly.
  • Do not touch the fish as they are prone to stress, injury or infection. Petting your fish will actually destroy the delicate scales that can lead to injury or infection.
  • Check the Koi Carp regularly for signs of illness. There are many treatments in the market that will fight the bacterial and fungal growth, even those on the fish themselves.
  • Check the rocks and other ornaments in the pond for sharp edges. The Koi Carp could bruise themselves while during hibernation or when they are laying eggs.
  • Koi Carp are opportunistic eaters, that is any small fish will be eaten up. Keep a watchful eye for small spry and scoop them out immediately. Place the small spry in another pond or gift a friend.
  • Koi Carp are a pedigree fish and so require a special diet to improve their immune system, colour and size. These fish require regular feeding.
  • During the winter, Koi Carp hibernates, and thus require less food. Continuous feeding damages their stomachs.
  • When feeding the fish, place the food in the water, and never feed by hand. The germs on your hands could cause infections in the fish.
  • Vary the type of food given, as this will allow the Koi Carp to get the necessary nutrients that will help in digestion.
  • Finally, if you ever need to add or remove any decoration from the pond, wear a pair of aquarium gloves to avoid transferring any germs.

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