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awfulroy.gif - 2.0 K Book Review:Awful Roy and the Great Halloween Iguana
by Preston McClear
Illustrations by Nicholus Dollak
Trade Paperback, 30 Pages, Malibu Books for Children, May 1999
ISBN: 1929084099

Awful Roy loves Halloween. It's his favorite holiday. This year Awful and his Mom plan a big surprise for the townsfolk with his new and exciting Iguana costume they have carefully planned and created.

Turns out the surprise might be on Awful Roy himself! Follow the tale as Awful plans his Halloween fun to surprise the townfolk only to be the one surpised in the end - you might be too.

This well written book by Preston McClear offers kids a different twist on Halloween costume planning and what could happen if you aren't too careful. The story moves along from Awful Roy's idea to fool the townfolk to a very funny conclusion. There are also lessons to be learned without being preachy.

Illustrations by Nicholas Dollak help to encourage your imagination as Awful plays out his Halloween deed. They are both colorful and fun and help add to the story.

If you enjoy Halloween this book is a fun read for the holiday. You may even learn a lesson along the way!

You can order your book online at by clicking on the link above (with parents permission) - or drop by your local bookstore or library to see if Awful Roy is available. Definately a fun read after you come home from Trick or Treating this year!

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