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Mandy and Pandy


Two New Books Give Mandy And Pandy Fans More Than Just The Chinese New Year To Celebrate

Ann Arbor, MI (January 22, 2010) – Beginning on January 26, 2010 China will begin a 15-day celebration to ring in the “Year of The Tiger.” For most celebrants, the Chinese New Year’s festivities will mean gifts, red envelopes and fireworks. And for many Chinese-American children, those gifts will be the latest releases of the popular Chinese-teaching children’s books about Mandy and Pandy.

Conceived and written by a Chinese-American father to help his newly adopted Chinese daughter learn to speak her native language, the Mandy and Pandy series follows the adventures of their endearing main characters, Mandy (the author’s daughter’s name), a curious young girl, and Pandy, a funny and sweet Panda.

Their adventures lead them to the Great Wall of China, a baseball diamond, the zoo and many more familiar places. The stories are incredibly fun and the selection of which themes and words to learn is thoughtful and intelligent.

Now, with Americans (and much of the world) turning their attention to China, children who read these fun and educational books will appreciate the Chinese New Year even more. Not only will they love the celebration but they’ll experience it on a deeper level because of how well the Mandy and Pandy books foster an understanding of the basic Chinese words and how they sound.

In addition to having engaging stories, each book has been conceived in a way that teaches early Chinese reading skills to not only children, but interested adults. Author, Chris Lin has ingeniously written each passage in the book in English, followed by pinyin (the phonetic pronunciation) and finally in the actual Chinese characters. An audio CD is included to help reinforce what is being read. Each CD includes the entire story read aloud by Lin in both English and Chinese.

As of the Chinese New Year, the Mandy And Pandy book series will have six wonderful titles, each selling for an MSRP of $12.95.

    Book 5: Mandy and Pandy Play “What Colors Do You See?” NEW RELEASE - Book 5: Mandy and Pandy Play “What Colors Do You See?”
    Màndí hé pandí wán "Ni kànjiàn de yánsè shì shénme?"

    Book five in the series. In this version of the classic “I Spy” game played by kids everywhere, Mandy and Pandy visit the lake and ask each other about the colors of the objects around them. All the colors of the rainbow are named, along with brown, white and black.


    Book 5: Mandy and Pandy Visit the Zoo NEW RELEASE - Book 6: Mandy and Pandy Visit the Zoo
    Màndí hé pandí canguan dòngwùyuán

    Book six in the series. Mandy and Pandy Visit the Zoo is an exciting story journey through the local zoo, with Mandy and Pandy stopping by different exhibits and greeting the animals. Children can learn the Chinese and English names for exciting wild creatures such as tigers, hippos and


    Book 1: Mandy and Pandy Say “Ni Hao Ma?” Book 1: Mandy and Pandy Say “Ni Hao Ma?” -
    Màndí hé dàxióngmao pandí shuo, "Ni hao ma?"

    Recipient of iParenting Media’s prestigious Outstanding Product of 2007 award, Mandy and Pandy say “Ni Hao Ma?” teaches the audience how to say the popular phrase “Ni Hao Ma?” (How are you?) and shares stories about things Mandy likes. This book has both Chinese and English vocabulary on topics such as family members, food and fun activities.


    Book 2: Mandy and Pandy Play “Let’s Count!” Book 2: Mandy and Pandy Play “Let’s Count!”
    Màndí hé pandí wánr, "shu shù"

    Mandy and Pandy walk through the neighborhood and count various fun things they observe. This book teaches Chinese and English counting words from one to ten, and also includes useful vocabulary on common neighborhood objects such as flowers, geese and cars.


    Book 3: Mandy and Pandy Visit China Book 3: Mandy and Pandy Visit China
    Màndí hé pandí qù zhongguó luxíng

    Mandy and Pandy Visit China takes your child through a tour of China, showing colorful pictures of the key attractions, sights to see and things to do. A great way to learn about Chinese culture and language, this book includes words for eating, traveling and hiking. Famous locations such as the Forbidden City and the Great Wall are drawn in colorful kid-friendly ways.


    Book 4: Mandy and Pandy Play Sports Book 4: Mandy and Pandy Play Sports
    Màndí hé dàxióngmao pandí zuò tiyù yùndòng

    Mandy and Pandy gear up for the summer by playing all their favorite sports! Kids can learn Chinese and English vocabulary for classic sports such as football, swimming and soccer, as well as sporting terminology such as score, pass and slam dunk.


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    Based in Ann Arbor, MI, Mandy and Pandy Co. was established in 2006 by Chris Lin, through the inspiration of his recently adopted Chinese daughter, Mandy. The company publishes books which introduce preschoolers and elementary school children to the basics of Chinese language. In addition to an audio CD that reads the stories in both English and Chinese, each book is printed with English, pinyin (the phonetic pronunciation) and actual Chinese writing to aid in character recognition. The illustrator, Ingrid Villalta, was born in San José, Costa Rica. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with a major in Graphic Arts at the University of Costa Rica. Ingrid is Fluent in English & Spanish.

    Visit or call 734-929-5318 for more information.