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The Little Environmentalists Get Animated

A printable coloring page by Kevin Scott Collier available on The Little Environmentalists website Children’s Book Company Teams Up with Kevin and Kristen Collier To Create A New, Illustrated Version of Their Eco-Adventure Book

Hartland, WI (January 29, 2009)– The Little Environmentalists, together with famous children’s authors and illustrators Kevin Scott Collier and Kristen Collier, have created a revised edition of the book I'm Turning Green titled Go Green With Me.

This beautifully illustrated version will follow a young girl on her journey to become green. Go Green With Me will have the same great message as I’m Turning Green, with refreshing new text by Rebecca Mattano and Kristen Collier, and whimsical imagery by awardwinning illustrator Kevin Scott Collier.

Mattano, creator and author of The Little Environmentalists, wanted to use illustrations in Go Green With Me instead of the watercolor filtered photography used in previous books, in hopes of reaching children in a different way. “Our books carry important messages for preschoolers,” said Mattano. “So, it is important that we work to discover what they prefer. That way, we can give parents and grandparents the tools they need to develop the next generation of environmental stewards.”

Award-winning husband and wife team, Kevin Scott Collier and Kristen Collier, have written or illustrated over 80 books. Their experience working with publishing companies of all sizes combined with their passion for the message of Go Green With Me, made them an ideal partner for this project.

The book, like the rest in The Little Environmentalists Series, is designed for pre-readers and emerging readers. Found in the back of the book is an Earth Notes section full of simple steps that families and classrooms can incorporate to conserve water, energy and other natural resources.

Go Green With Me is scheduled to be released this March.

Read an eBook from Kevin Scott Collier and Kristen Collier right here on Kids' Turn!

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The Little Environmentalists, LLC, is a company committed to developing and publishing children’s material to promote environmental awareness, appreciation, knowledge, and stewardship. The company is dedicated to sustainable business practices and producing environmentally friendly products.

The Little Environmentalists proudly print their books using 100% recycled paper that is 100% post-consumer waste and chlorine free, along with environmentally friendly inks. Environmentally friendly printing preserves forests and habitats, keeps toxic chemicals out of the environment and generates fewer greenhouse gases. It has been estimated that producing a ton of paper using 100% post-consumer copy paper rather than virgin pulp saves about 24 large trees, 4000 kilowatt hours of electricity, 60 pounds of air pollution and 7000 gallons of water.