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Get Crafty Book Review:

Get Crafty : 60 Cool Holiday Crafts for Year-Round Fun
by Nancy Jo King
96 pages (October 2001)
Lunchbox Press; ISBN: 0967828538

Tired of the same old crafts? Get Crafty: 60 Cool Holiday Crafts for Year-Round Fun is sure to get your creative juices flowing.

This first book, in the Get Crafty series from Lunchbox Press offers 60 unique, and easy crafts for all your favorite holidays.

Valentine's Day, Easter, St. Patrick's day and more - all holidays are covered.

Each craft lists items needed - most can be found at your local craft or hobby store and many are items found right in your own home. Instructions are easy to follow.

The July 4th fabric wreaths make wonderful patriotic decorations and the Jelly Bean carrots are cute and easy to make.

If you have run out of ideas for crafting with your kids this book will give you 60 new ideas to try. Kids, if want to inspire your parents to get crafty this book is a good start when Mom or Dad have run out of inspiration.

About the Author:
Nancy Jo King has been a professional artist and teacher for over 15 years. Her work has been featured in exhibits nationwide, including the National Association of Art Educators’ annual convention. She has a passion for children’s arts, and has been a craft designer for young adult magazines such as Smackers and All About You.

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