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Rory Stays Safe Rory Stays Safe
Author: Tim Colgan
Paperback, 35 pages
Publisher: T J S Security Services

Staying Safe Stories is a series of books designed to help protect children. Written by Veteran Police Officer, Tim Colgan, the stories are written and illustrated in a non-threatening, storybook style.

Rory Stays Safe
Rory Stays Safe is a storybook about fictional rabbit characters that help young children, ages 3 to 12, protect themselves.

The story teaches children the importance of being careful, not fearful, and that "no" and "stop" are important words for staying safe.

The book encourages children to remain with friends and family as a means of protection. Most importantly, it conveys the message that a child is free to communicate to parents or caretakers any occurrence that makes them child feel fearful or uncomfortable.

Children should never feel guilty or ashamed of communicating uncomfortable events to caretakers. The book stresses this throughout the story.

The fun illustrations and big, easy to read type allows young readers to read along with parents. The tale of the bunnies in the story, particularly Rory, help explain to young children the dangers in our world and how to handle these situations.

Author Tim Colgan is a retired police captain, security consultant, and father of two children.

Over his years as an officer, Tim Colgan has received over 15 commendations for police work that displayed a high degree of excellence and professionalism in the most dangerous of situations.

Rory Stays Safe is a very useful book for any parent of young children. Buy This Book

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