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Kids Turn Computers

Getting Started:

sherbun1.gif - 10374 Bytes There are many ways to make your own simple graphics.

If you are drawing graphics by hand you will need some type of imaging software and a scanner to get your hand drawn graphics from paper onto your computer.

If you don't have a scanner many office supply or computer stores have scanners you can use [for a small fee usually].

If you don't have access to a scanner you can still make your own graphics with graphics or imaging software programs.

These programs allow you to create your own designs. You can change sizes, color, cut out pieces, rotate, add fonts and do neat effects with the more complicated programs.

The best way to learn to make graphics is by running your imaging software, jumping in and giving it a try. Experiment with using the different tools the program offers. Most come with help guides or tutorials. Don't be afraid to just give it a try!

Start simple by making small icons, buttons or banners before you try painting a master piece online.

Once you have created an image the next step is to Save it!

Steps to Easy Graphic Making:

Special thanks to Sue Chastain About Graphics Software Guide, HTML Guide Jennifer Kyrnin, and Clipart Mountain for their excellent resources used in this series.

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