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Using Graphics on Web Pages:

Once you have your graphics created you might want to use them on your web pages.

The first thing you need to do if you already have a web page is upload your graphic to the server your web page is on. You will need to know how to use a File Transfer Protocol [FTP] program to do this. An FTP program moves your graphic from your computer to the 'server' your web page is on.

Next, you will need to understand basic html code to embed or link your graphic so it shows up on your web page.

The basic code is <img src="image.gif"> or <img src="image.jpg"> [depending on saved format], however, this code can change depending on where your image is stored on the server.

You will need to link exactly to where the image is stored. For example if your image is in a directory called graphics - you would use the following code:
<img src="/graphics/image.gif">

You may also want to turn off the border that usually shows up when you link to a graphic. To do that you will need to add this code: <img src="image.gif" border=0>

There are other codes you can use to do various other things to your graphic once it's online. Learning more about basic html can help you do that.

Steps to Easy Graphic Making:

Special thanks to Sue Chastain About Graphics Software Guide, HTML Guide Jennifer Kyrnin, and Clipart Mountain for their excellent resources used in this series.

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