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pen1.gif - 1047 Bytes Using Graphics on Delphi Forums:

Once you have your graphics created you might want to use them on the Kids' Turn Forum or on other Delphi Forums.

There are two ways to post graphics and images on a Delphi forum. For both you must be in Advanced Mode. You can set this using your preferences.

1apple.gif - 1550 Bytes Attaching
Attaching a graphic on the forum allows users to click on the attachment to view the graphic. It does not show up on the actual post other than a icon showing the attachment.

This can be used when your graphic is not stored on a server somewhere and can't be linked to.

Follow these simple How To Attach Graphics instructions.

Creating a Personal Signature
The Delphi Forum allows you to create a permanent personal signature on the Kids' Turn Forum that will attach itself to all posts or replies you make on the forums.

You can use graphics and images in these signatures by using basic html coding.

Follow these simple Create a Personal Signature instructions.

Steps to Easy Graphic Making:

Special thanks to Sue Chastain About Graphics Software Guide, HTML Guide Jennifer Kyrnin, and Web Clipart Guide Bobbie Peachey for their excellent resources used in this series.

Drop by the HTML/Computer Help folder on the Kids' Turn forum to ask questions, share your tips and tricks or exchange graphics.

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