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Go to Part I - How to Create a Web page
You just created a spectacular web page! It's online - you may even have a counter on it.......but the counter isn't moving? Is anyone visiting your web page? How can they if they don't know it is "out" there? You can't expect people to just stumble upon your masterpiece. If you want people to see your work you will need to do some "promoting" of your site. Here are some good tips:
Getting Linked...........

  • Link Exchange is a FREE service that submits YOUR banner throughout the web based on the number of page views you get. It's easy to register with and if you don't know how to make your own banner they can offer advice. They also offer other services to help with your web page.

  • Drop by the Kids' Turn Forum and annouce your new page there!

  • You can suggest your site to Yahooligans.

  • Using Google you can submit your site to Google, one of the most popular search engines on the web.

Tell the World!!!..........more tips

When you are sending eMail - make sure you sign your new web page address on every piece of email you send - you can set up a Signature program to do this. Also, add your web site address to any correspondence you send via snail mail too!

If you belong to a Mailing List or frequent a Chat room - be sure to let people there know about your masterpiece on line.

The Net isn't the only place to get the word out about your great web page. If your school is online be sure to let the head of the computer department or your teacher know YOU have a web page. They may list it on their links pages.

Community Libraries are also apt to have a computer listing of favorite sites - drop by your library and show them your web page - they just might list it!

If you think your page is really special you might want to drop by your Community Newspaper office. Ask to see someone in their computer/technical department - they might just want to do a story on you and your web page - you never know!

A few final pointers............

Here are a few final words from someone who has been making web pages for over 8 years now, me:
  • Graphics: You definitely need some pictures or artwork to "spiff" up your web site - but please do not take what isn't yours (without permission). Most web masters are happy to share their graphics if you ASK and give them credit (and a link back). Taking graphics from other peoples web sites is simply wrong - don't do it.

  • Load time:Now that I said you need graphics remember the more graphics, music and Java script you use - the slower your page is going to load - go easy on this stuff!

  • Music: It's up to you whether you have music playing on your page or not - some like it some don't.......if you use music give visitors the option to turn it off!

  • Frames:Again, a personal choice whether to use or not - again some like, some don't. Always give visitors the option to "escape your frames" or to go to a "non-framed" version of your site.

  • Email: Be sure to include an email link so that people can send their thoughts, ideas or comments - a Guest book is nice but often people would rather directly email then sign a guest book.

  • Backgrounds: If you are using a colored or graphical background make sure the text can be read through it - too often I have visited sites with really snazzy backgrounds - except you can't read the text!

  • Personal Information: NEVER put your home address or phone number online. Use an email link if you want people to contact you. NEVER announce to the world you are going on vacation and your home will be empty. NEVER tell the world you are home alone during certain hours of the day - keep personal information OFF your web site.


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