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Kids Turn Computers

Have you been IM'd?

Instant messaging allows two people to communicate in "real time" over the Internet, super ceding the pace of email.

Some Instant Messaging software allows you to track when another person logs on and logs off of the Internet. Some software also gives you the convenience of sending files back and forth to one another.

Depending upon the Instant Messaging software that you choose, it will require you to either enter in a screen name or email address. This is how the program is able to track if a person is online at the same time that you are.

Instant Messaging primarily works similar to a client/server model. When the client connects to a central "server" that verifies your identity and registers you as being online then when other users register and connect, they will know that you are logged on because the server will know that you are online

Pros and Cons
While instant messaging has become one of the most popular activities on the net for kids, teens and adults some people feel it is an invasion of privacy.

Although instant messaging can be a beneficial way to keep in touch with friends, family and co-workers some feel it is also annoying to always have someone know when you are online.

While the argument is true, most IM programs have feature-rich clients that help you avoid this scenario.

It is particularly important for kids to learn about safety issues with IM and how to protect your privacy.

Continue reading to learn more about instant messaging programs, and how to be safe and protect your privacy.

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