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Kids Turn Computers

Want another way to communicate online?

Try a Newsgroup
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What is a Newsgroup?
A Newsgroup (also known as Usenet) is like a clubhouse of people with similar interests. The difference is in the way you communicate. Instead of sitting around talking, communication is done through the written word on a bulletin board type system.

Messages are posted to the Newsgroup and you can read and or reply to them on your own time.

Newsgroups provide a way to quickly meet and connect with kids who share your interests from all over the world. You can communicate with them virtually anytime you like.

There are literally thousands of Newsgroups covering virtually every topic imaginable -- from cats or horses to social issues, entertainment, hobbies and current news.

While there are thousands of topics, there are some that are not suitable for children. Be sure to look for Newsgroups dedicated to kids in one of the many directories online.

Like any form of online communication safety is important. Be sure to review safety rules before using a Newsgroup and check with parents to make sure the Newsgroup is suitable for you.

How do I use a Newsgroup?
First you will need a Newsreader to be able to participate in Newsgroups. Your browser might come with one already. Check this list of Newsreader programs if you don't already have one on your browser.

Once you have your Newsreader review the instructions that come with it. Most are simple to use. If you have used an online Bulletin Board the procedure is much the same.

Newsgroups may already be listed in your reader. As well, which groups you subscribe to may be dependent on your Internet Service Provider. If you try to subscribe to a Newsgroup and can't - contact your lSP.

After you set up your selected Newsgroup you are ready to join the discussion! Sit back and read the ongoing discussion before jumping right in, read any rules that may apply and don't forget your newsgroup netiquette.

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