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Kids Turn Poetry

Kids' Turn Central Poetry - Page 11

Poems written and submitted by kids like you!

The World Keeps Spinning but I Stand Still

The world spins
on and on
on and on
on and on,
but I stay still.

The world is fighting
on and on
on and on
on and on
but I am still peaceful

The world is hurting
on and on
on and on
on and on
but I hurt no one

The world is crying
on and on
on and on
on and on
but I don't cry one tear

All because The world does not pressure me to do those things,
I am my own person and no matter what I will not be pressured into those things,

violence is no way to deal with anything
neither is pain
or tears.

Blue bird (12) - USA

Throughout the Week

Throughout the week,
I think thy name,
I dare not speak,
My dignity,
My soul to keep,
But in my heart,
A great big heap,
I'll say thy name,
Throughout the week.

Madeline, 12


When your feeling sad and not having a good day,
Just think of the success you have made,
When all hope is lost and you still think your grades/careers are not enough,
Just think of the hard work you put into getting where you are.
Just always remember that if you fall down you can always get back up.....

Mandy (14) - USA

People Aren’t Perfect

All people are different,
From being small to being tall,
To having big bones, to having small bones,
But everyone has a gift,
From being an artist, to being good at sports.

Everyone has a gift, to find it you must search inside yourself,
Don’t ever give up, and if your down and sad,
Just remember you will always have success in your gift.

Some of these gifts could be to helping children or to having a safe place for kids to chat,
You will find your gift but it will take you some time,
So don’t rush your self into this gift, just let it come to you.

Mandy (14) - USA

What's Wrong?

Over the fence and through the air,
My heart carries to you my hope and prayer.

I send this to every one I care for,
Wondering when or how I should close the door.
Wondering if I should lock myself away,
But only to realise I have to emerge one day.

I hate the way the stare,
At my eyes or hair,
What's wrong with me ,
Do you have the answer to my prayer?

T@z (14)

Poems are Poems

This is a poem
A very good poem.
I like poems,
Especially this poem,
'Cause it's a very good poem,
A poem it is.


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