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Kids Turn Poetry

Kids' Turn Central Poetry - Page 12

Pirate Poems written and submitted by kids like you!

The Ugly Pirate

On Sunday, I met a pirate,
He really was quite mean.
The look of his face,
And his greasy embrace,
It made my face turn green!

He had an ugly patch on his eye,
And also a stick for a leg.
His breath was foul,
So I gave a howl,
‘Coz it smelt like rotten egg!

He had never ever washed himself,
So he really stank something awful,
He picked his nose,
Then licked his toes,
His toenails were unlawful!

He’d never shaved his armpits,
So they were astonishingly hairy,
The smell of rotten meat,
Was the smell of his feet,
And his armpits smelt even more scary!

His t-shirt was yucky and hairy,
And rolls of fat were easily seen,
He had loads of pimples,
And fatty dimples,
He was everything farthest from clean!

He looked like a really ugly monster,
Like something scary from the telly,
Like a deformed pig,
Who somehow turned big,
Even his fingers were smelly!

He was the ugliest thing I had ever seen,
And weighed about as much as a tank,
He came to my house and gave me a stare,
So I knocked him flat on his back with a chair…

Maddy - Australia


My Pirate Poem

Ahoy me hartys
It's time to begin
But first take a swig from my bottle of gin

Welcome aboard my pirate ship
We're going to have an amazing trip

Searching out treasure, gold and diamonds galore
Precious gems that you can't get from a store

We may have to battle, we may have to fight
But first get some rest it may be a long night

Gemma (8)


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Pirate Fun

The Pirate who stole my Heart

I may be an old woman now,
That’s plain as plain can be,
And my mind is filled with memories
Memories of the sea.

When I was just a bonny lass,
Those many years ago,
I’d of’t hear tales of pirate lads
Still with a youthful glow

Whose hearts were black as the blackest night
And gummed with greed and glory.
Whose tales were passed from mouth to mouth
And became naught but stories.

I never thought I’d meet one,
Especially at fourteen
But sometimes simple thoughts go wrong
And wrong was I indeed.

It was during the day
When the pirates came
Clear as clear as day
To pilfer and steal and pillage and kill
And worry their lives away.

From all the tales I ever heard
I never pictured this:
A crew of only twenty three
And a Captain as young as me!

He was a handsome lad
As far as pirates go,
Cruel and fearless,
Tall and strong
But his heart a lump of coal.

He looked upon me,
I looked upon him,
I saw his coal heart melt.
It had been thrown into an inferno
Of heaven, not of Hell.

It was then right there he stole my heart
As he pressed his lips to mine
“A fair exchange” he told me
My gold heart for my life.

Although he may be damned to the fiery pits of hell
I know the harsh jury of death
Will see that my heart comes back to me
When he breathes his very last breath.

My friends all say he’s missing me.
My sister says he’s dead.
But I know he’s still alive because
Whenever I lie in bed

I put my hand over my chest
Where my heart would be.
Instead of a drumbeat that you hear
His voice sings songs of the sea.

When my drumbeat comes again
I’ll know he’s breathed his last.
That handsome pirate who stole my heart
Seventy-two years back.

Yes, I am an old woman
That’s plain as plain can be
But after I’m gone my memories stay
and linger on to thee.

By Allison Mills (12)

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