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Kids Turn Poetry

Kids' Turn Central Poetry - Page 3

Poems written and submitted by kids like you!

I look into the dark nights sky
I wonder if I am really alone
I feel like someone is there looking at me
Watching over me
I feel scared yet calm
I feel tense yet I know I am safe as long as you are here
My guardian angel watching over me

Skater, USA

Your Face
The first thing she knew in life was Your face,
Your face guided her throughout her childhood,
Through good times and bad,
It was always there, she didn't know why, but It was there.

She's older now and she still has taught her child of the face,
As she got older, and older, and was lying in her bed,
She started smiling, she was see the face she'd never seen.


My Eyes
My eyes
are green
and brown
and different
and special
They don't work so well
which is why I need glasses
to help me see
stuff far away
from me
They are different sizes
but you only notice if you get up close
with a huge magnifying glass
but no one gets THAT close
That would be weird

Sunny, Canada

Dark eyes stared at me from the darkness
Unblinking, the figure stepped from the shadows
Shining black fur covered muscles like steel
On her back She carried an amazing pair of wings.
She approached me with such beauty, such grace, I was awestruck
She threw back her head and gave a low howl
The trees trembled and I shook from head to toe
As she dropped to her haunches before me
A terrifying snarl escaped
From her throat
When she rose, our eyes locked
And a look of trust
Spread across her face
She then turned
And walked away
Not looking back
Even once.
I smiled as I watched her leave
I had met the Queen of the Forest
The Goddess of the Stars
In a word...



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