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Tips - Q & A

Each week we will post tips, advice and questions and answers from the KTC Gardners:

1. When planting seedlings in peat pots or other indoor planting medium what should you do if you find mold growing on the top of the soil?

From Janet09..."remove the mold and water less"

From Cor...."You are watering too much so cut back on watering...just scrap the mold away and water less. What if you are trying to grow mold? My science teacher would get mad if I removed her mold :-p

From Maggie..."remove the mold, water less and make sure to fertilize...AND DON'T TELL THE HORTICULTURE TEACHER!"

For more help with mold and other seedling problems check out Our Gardening Gang - Seedling Helper Guide

2. What type of soil is best for sunflowers?

"Sunflowers do best when grown on soils with adequate water-holding capacity, internal drainage and proper fertility. They will tolerate a wide range of soil types; however, one that is too high in nitrogen encourages excessive plant growth that will check maturity of the flower heads. Adequate levels of phosphorus and potassium are recommended, and, as with any garden activity, frequent soil tests are recommended to get good results. The plant's roots go deep and spread extensively, so the sunflower can withstand some drought and nearby cultivation. Sunflowers should not be water stressed during the critical period; about 20 days before and after flowering. Plant seed into moistened soil one to two inches deep, but no deeper than three inches. Space seed 12 inches apart in rows spaced 2 to 2 1/2 feet apart. Plants grown for large heads should be spaced farther apart or scattered around the garden. For the home situation, seed can be started in four-inch peat pots and transplanted outdoors. Transplants may grow taller and flower sooner than seed started plants. They should start to flower in ten weeks."....Sunny
Info from Ohio State University Extension Fact Sheet

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