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Kids Turn More Topics

sportguy2.gif - 12.3 K Social Issues at Kids' Turn

Life for kids can be challenging.

Check out this section for topics on issues that kids have to deal with while growing up. Some topics should be reviewed with your parents.


  • What is your Mood?
    Fun images to describe your current mood. Free, printable door knob hangers too.

  • Bullying
    Are you being bullied? Helpful online resources to help you cope with this tough issue.

  • Doing Good Deeds
    It's so simple and brings so much reward. Learn how you can do a good deed every day and share your ideas with other kids.

  • Volunteering
    Why it's important to help out when you can.

  • Am I Different?
    Does wearing braces, a hearing device or glasses make you different?

  • Mind your P's and Q's
    What fork to use, can you wear your hat in the house - so many manners to know!

  • Kids and Guns
    What would you do if you saw a gun in your house?

  • Don't Get Burned
    Why it's not ok to play with fire.

  • Cyberdating is Just Dumb
    There I said it, I think kids dating online is just dumb, find out why.

  • Death and Dying
    Understanding death is not easy but even kids sometimes have to face it, these resources will help you understand.

  • Children of Divorce
    When your parents break up it feels like the end of the world. You are not alone. Use these helpful resources to help you cope.

  • Are you a Mouse Potato?
    How much time are you spending online?

  • Saying Thanks
    Two little words that are very important, learn to write thank you notes.

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