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Kids Turn Babysitting

Babysitting - Finding a Job

Babysitting Jobs Before you run out and take the first babysitting job offered to you, it's important to know and set your limits. You must figure out what you can and cannot handle.

What can you handle?
Before you decide to look for work babysitting, sit down with your parents and consider these situations. Be honest with yourself:

  • How many children do you think you could babysit at one time?
  • What hours can you babysit? Would you be comfortable working at night?
  • What days are you available? Would you be willing to give up your weekends to babysit? Don't forget homework responsibilities.
  • Do you practise safety and do you know how to handle small emergencies?
  • Are you patient? Do crying, whiney kids get on your nerves?
  • What ages of children can you handle - are you able to look after an infant?
  • Think about these things and be honest with yourself. If you have concerns about any of these a babysitting course would be an excellent way to improve your babysitting skills and chances of finding a babysitting job.

    Looking for Work
    One of the best ways to find work babysitting is word-of-mouth. Have your parents tell their friends and co-workers, tell your teachers and tell friends who already babysit you are willing to act as a 'back-up babysitter' for them.

    Once word gets out you want to babysit you should find work in no time. The first job is usually the hardest to find. Parents are always cautious about hiring someone who has never babysat before. Once you have that first job under your belt, your experience should speak for itself and other jobs will come along.

    Always check with your parents before accepting any babysitting job.

    Getting Paid
    You need to know what a babysitter gets paid in your area. Many parents will ask you what you charge. You can ask friends who babysit and parents who hire babysitters what the typical rate is. It may vary from area to area and depend on many variables.

    Remember if you have little or no experience, you may not be able to charge full rates. The more you babysit the more experience you will have, and you may be able to increase you rates. Especially if you get good references from parents.

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