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Wearing Braces

Just the word braces can send shivers up your spine! If you have or need braces, this can be a trying time for you but why you should get braces is as important as if you need glasses. Braces help correct teeth problems which not only improve your appearance and smile but also improve your health.

The Orthodontic Information Page offers a great selection of helpful advice and experience on dealing with braces. Everything from an FAQ section for teenagers requiring braces to a dictionary of orthodontic terms.

Need some orthodontic humor? Check out the Orthodontic Joke Archive or take a Fun Dental Quiz. You can also learn some Fun Facts about Braces.

Do you wear braces? Lots of kids at Kids' Turn have gone through the whole process from getting them on to getting them off and have shared their tips and stories. You can join the discussions on the Kids' Turn Forums.

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