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Am I Different?

Wearing a Hearing Device

Hearing loss is something you have to pay attention to. Hearing ties in with learning speech so you need to stay on top of what you can hear!

If you live with hearing loss you may have to attend speech classes or wear a hearing aid. Many kids have to do this. To better understand how the ear works check out How Do We Go from Hear's Animated ear. This animated demonstration helps explain how things work in there. You may also check out the "hearing loss chart" from this site.

The Better Hearing Institute offers an online explanation of how the ear works which will help you understand how your ears work.

"At least seven million school age children have a hearing impairment--and three out of 10 children have middle ear infections that may cause a temporary hearing loss."

For kids with hearing loss a great magazine was published just for you HiP - is currently not publishing but back issues are available. Another good resource for kids with hearing loss is the Family Pages pages at Deafness at About - there is lots of good information for kids and parents.

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