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Doing Good Deeds

Raking leaves in the neighbors yard. Baking cookies for a sick friend. Helping someone with homework. Taking grandma's dog for a walk. These are all good deeds.

A good deed is defined as an act or performance done out of kindness, generosity or friendliness.

Kids are certainly capable of doing good deeds. Last week, knowing I was exhausted from having a new puppy in the house, who was keeping me up at all hours, my son did his own good deed. He volunteered to keep the puppy in his room for one night so I could get some rest and not be disturbed.

This one, small act of kindness rewarded us both. I got a good nights sleep and was proud of his kind thought. He got a happy rested Mom and lots of love and attention.

Doing Good Deeds
Whether it's something for your parents, a grandparent, a neighbor, a friend or even a stranger there are lots of ways kids can do good deeds.

Good deeds come from the heart so remember not to expect to be paid. You will get rewards just by doing them. Sometimes it's a thank you, a hug or a smile. More importantly it's a good feeling you will have inside you.

It's also contagious! One random act of kindness can spread like wild fire. When you help a person they tend to want to help someone else in return. Imagine a world where everyone helped each other, how nice would that be? You can get it started by doing one good deed.

Check out the ideas kids have submitted for doing good deeds. You can submit your own idea too!

Global Good Deeds. Join a global game of relentless good, led by kids. Part game, part campaign, members create an ever-expanding, elaborate network of good, complete with its own system of communication and propulsion. Smart kids on Earth, we want you to show humanity how much doing good is worth! Join team, start stream.

Angel Share your Good Deed Ideas
Have you done a good deed? Do you have an idea on how kids can do good deeds? Email your idea.

Have you done a good deed today?

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