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The holidays are a wonderful time of giving and receiving. One thing you might forget to do but is a very important part of the holidays is to remember these two little words: Thank You

After the holidays you should consider taking some time to write Thank You Notes to those who either gave you something, or, who were extra special to you. Here are some tips to make the process a little easier.

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snoman1.gif - 2.0 K Be Organized: During the excitement and rush to open gifts during the holidays try to remember to keep gift tags or cards with the gift , or make a list of who gave you what. It will make things a lot easier when it is time to write thank you notes.

snoman1.gif - 2.0 K Who do I say thanks to? Anyone who gave or sent you a gift should be thanked. Anyone who did something special for you, baked you treats or made your meals, or if someone made you feel special...they should be thanked.

snoman1.gif - 2.0 K What if I thanked them in person? It is always important to thank someone when they actually give you the gift, However, it is still courtesy to send a written thank you note after you have opened the gift.

snoman1.gif - 2.0 K Can't I just email them? Email is a wonderful, fast way to send mail. However, a hand written note is much more friendly and receptive. You can however be creative with your computer and make up personal thank you notes, just be sure to print and sign them in hand writing.

snoman1.gif - 2.0 K What is a Thank You note? Thank you notes don't have to be a big deal. You can write a simple note thanking the sender for the gift. Be personal - mention what they got you and why you like it. Thank the giver for thinking of you. If you didn't like the gift - be gracious and use tact - thank the giver for their thoughtfulness without saying you hated the gift.

snoman1.gif - 2.0 K But I can't write yet! If you are too young to compose a thank you note yourself, ask Mom or Dad to help. A drawing is also a nice way to thank someone for thinking of you.

snoman1.gif - 2.0 K When should I do this? Thank you notes should be written and sent soon after the holidays are over. If you wait too long you won't do it. Grab some paper and envelopes, find a comfortable place, even in front of the TV is ok and write your notes. You don't have to do them all at once. Do it over a period of time or days so you aren't overwhelmed.

snoman1.gif - 2.0 K How are they delivered? If you don't know the addresses of the people who gave you gifts, ask your Mom and Dad to help out with this. Then when done make a special trip to the Post Office to purchase stamps - you get to lick them!! You can also hand deliver Thank You notes to those that live close to you if that is easier.

snoman1.gif - 2.0 K Can parents help? Yes!! Writing thank you notes can be something the whole family can do together. It's also a time when you can talk about what you got and from who. During the rush of the season we often forget too quickly. Ask your Mom or Dad to gather up writing supplies, paper, pens, envelopes, stamps and make an afternoon fun time of it. After all, Mom and Dad probably have people they need to send thank you notes to too!

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